Examining the Smash Hit Sequel to one of 2018?s Most Popular Sleep Aids

Trtl Pillow Plus

Just when we think we?ve found ourselves a new travel pillow for sleeping on planes, they have to go and do something crazy, like redesigning their flagship product for no other reason than to show off. At least, that?s why we suspect they did it.

When we heard that the folks responsible for the Trtl Pillow had announced the release of a new & improved ?Plus? model, we had to stop and say to ourselves, ?What could they possibly change about the Trtl Pillow that would make me want to buy a new one??

After all, it?s not like the design was in need of any work. The Trtl Pillow featured a stunningly simple 2-component construction that worked to keep your neck safe on even the longest flights. We had a few qualms about how long it could take to get the perfect position with the Trtl Pillow, but overall, we came away from the experience ready to ditch our old U-shaped neck pillows in favor of something a bit more effective.

Now, the Trtl PLUS has hit the scene in a big way, offering adjustable neck height and more breathable fabric in the same basic construction as the original. The goal is more comfort. Does the PLUS achieve this goal? Let?s take a look.

Not Familiar with the Original Trtl Travel Pillow?

You can take a look at our in-depth Trtl Travel Pillow Review before returning to learn about the Plus.

The Trtl Pillow & Me: Why I Switched from the Standard Pillow

You know, switching from the Trtl Pillow to the Trtl Pillow Plus is not nearly as big as a leap as switching from a traditional U-shaped travel neck pillow to the comfortable and innovative design of the Trtl Pillow. We have actually taken an in-depth look at the Trtl Pillow before, be sure to check it out if you are looking for more information on the classic product that started it all.

Trtl Travel Logo

To sum it up: the Trtl Pillow was an entirely new kind of neck and head support when it first hit the market a few years ago. Here?s the thrust: it?s a soft, wrap-around neckpiece with a thin internal frame that props your head up, saving you from that dangerous neck angle that can sometimes occur in air travel. Our verdict was that it was an impressive product with a lot of potential. However, we did have the one complaint that it could be difficult at times to find the perfect fit.

Our entire team was impressed with the Trtl ?Classic?, as it is being called in some circles now that a more premium option has become available for the discerning consumer.  So naturally we thought it would be fitting to take a look at the ?sequel? to what was undoubtedly one of the biggest game changers in travel sleep since alcohol. After all, there were a few minor issues with the Trtl Pillow that prevented us from giving it a perfect score.

Did the Trtl Pillow Company solve these issues with the NEW Trtl Plus? You?re going to have to read on to find out ?

Trtl Plus Unboxing: The Visceral Experience

There?s nothing like a fresh Amazon package arriving at your door. Even if you know exactly what it is, you get the opportunity to run your hands across the smooth cardboard surface, then run your key along the tape line and get the flaps open. We were more than a touch excited to be pulling out the Trtl Pillow plus.

Upon first glance, there was really nothing visually different about the Plus, save for a color printing that was different from those original models. The style update is welcome, actually. The more refined color of the Plus just feels a bit more elegant than the more stark color options of the Classic.

The size of the Plus was a bit of a surprise. Though it has be touted as being constructed with more lightweight fabrics  than the original model, it was actually a bit bulkier than the original model. We can only assume that this was due to the new adjustable height system. Even so, the increased size is hardly a nuisance as the whole product is still pretty small and compact, especially compared to a regular pillow.

While the shape was the same, the feel & texture were something else altogether. We couldn?t believe how soft and flexible the material was ? a significant and noticeable upgrade from the Classic model. We predict that it will be a good deal more breathable as well.

While there is a touch of new plastic smell coming from the package, we anticipate a very small amount of odorous off-gassing as a result. Just like the Trtl Classic, it will start smelling like you before it smells like anything else.

Product Overview: The Trtl Classic vs. The Trtl Plus

We can only hope that a few of you have already seen our in-depth review on the original Trtl Pillow, what we have been calling the ?Classic Model?. If you haven?t, then be sure to click on over to see what all the fuss is about, before reading on about how the engineers over at Trtl managed to make a few impressive improvements to their signature product.

The Trtl Travel Pillow (?Classic?)

The Trtl Pillow hit the market in 2013 after a pair of mechanical engineers decided that it was high time somebody take a crack at re-inventing the in-flight sleeping pillow. The product was released to immediate success, due to its unique ability to provide head & neck support in a way that is both adjustable and comfortable.

It works like this: a soft fleece fabric in the shape of a scarf is wrapped around your neck according to your own tightness preferences. A plastic internal frame is woven into the fabric, and it’s what does all the work in keeping your head and neck at a better angle for sleeping.

The Trtl Pillow Plus

While one could argue that the Trtl Travel Pillow was perfect as it was, there are more than a few of us that might disagree with you. For example, the Trtl Travel Pillow was notoriously hard to get into the perfect position. Sure, once you got in position it was like the most comfortable thing ever. But there was certainly a time commitment for finding the best position for snoozing.

The Trtl Pillow Plus makes a few key improvements that totally change the game:

? 100% fleece fabric of the Trtl Classic has been replaced in part with a breathable mesh polyester that will prevent your neck from getting sweaty during in-air naps.

? A small knob allows for adjustable neck height, which is by far the Trtl Pillow Plus? greatest asset. It takes the biggest problem with the original product (difficult fit) and turns it on its head by offering you a way to customize the exact angle that your neck and head are held at.

How to put on the Trtl Pillow Plus

Who is it For: Do You Need the Trtl Travel Pillow for Flights?

The secret is likely already out about our approval of the Classic Trtl Travel Pillow. After all, it was such a simple and innovative way to improve the way you sleep on planes that we were frankly kind of amazed that it hadn?t been thought of before. But how does the Trtl Pillow Plus stack up to its older brother?

The results are in. And although sleep is an incredibly personal thing and it is possible for two people to have entirely different experiences, we can safely recommend the Trtl PILLOW PLUS to anyone who:

  • Likes the idea Trtl Travel Pillow but had a hard time getting it to work
  • Has never tried a travel pillow and is in the market for one
  • Has been using the same old U-shaped travel pillow for far too long
  • Doesn’t want to haul their 10 LB Purple pillow with them on the flight

Trtl Pillow Plus


  • NEW Mesh lining reduces weight & increased breathability
  • Adjustable neck height for increased customization
  • Same simple & innovative design as the Trtl Pillow Classic
  • FREE water resistant carrying bag with every PLUS purchase


  • Adjustable height system is bigger & bulkier
  • The PLUS is not at warm as the CLASSIC for chilly flights
  • Not yet widely available in stores ? limited availability

What?s Inside the Trtl Plus Neck Pillow

Though the construction materials are largely the same for the Classic and Plus models, there are a few important differences that everyone should be aware of:

Outer Layer Bands

The outer layers of the Plus are made from a blend of 70% Polyester, 26% Rayon, & 4% Spandex. This synthetic blend is far more lightweight and breathable than the previous design which was 100% fleece.

Middle Mesh Band (NEW with Plus)

The addition if an interior band made of a more breathable fabric is what makes the Trtl Plus as breathable as it is. This mesh-type synthetic fabric is 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex.

Internal Core Components

The internal bracing system is made from Polychloroprene, also known as Neoprene. This is a lightweight and relatively flexible material that can hold a structure while simultaneously allowing for moderate amounts of flex.

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Quality Overview: The Trtl Travel Pillow Plus

There is always an argument to be made for simplicity, and that argument would most likely favor the original Trtl Pillow over the Trtl Pillow Plus. When you think about it, the company certainly didn?t have to go redesigning their flagship product only a few years after release. But they did, and the result was a better if not slightly bulkier version of the original. Do we recommend it? If you loved the original Trtl Pillow, then absolutely.

If you have tried the original Trtl Pillow and you didn?t think it was for you, then you can safely skip the Plus. It?s a light redesign upon the original with a few cool features, but the same basic product at heart.

Trtl Pillow Plus Being Worn

I Just Bought the Trtl Pillow. Do I need to upgrade to the Plus?

If you love your Trtl Pillow, then there is little need to upgrade to the Plus. However, if you are one of the people that experienced difficulty in finding the perfect ?fit? with your Trtl Pillow, the PLUS might be for you. It offers more adjustability in terms of overall neck angle, and is more breathable too.

Conclusion, or What We Think about the Trtl PILLOW PLUS

Overall we have to say that we are pretty impressed with this update to a product that was hardly asking to be updated. We have to give our congratulations to the folks behind the product for creating something that is so simple and yet so daringly effective, while also addressing some of the main problems of the original model. To us, that?s what a successful company looks like.

The PLUS offered a bit more customization in fit and comfort than the Classic, which was certainly working in its favor as we were writing this review. The adjustable neck height was a great idea, though we are not convinced that they are totally finished with this design. In other words, we are grateful for the cool new system. However, we can?t help but predict that it will be even more vastly improved in the next iteration of the Trtl Pillow.

Still, the overall fit is very similar to the Trtl Pillow, and that is certainly not going to work against it.

The Trtl Pillow PLUS: To Recommend or not to Recommend?

We had to spend a significant amount of time swapping in between the Classic and the Plus models, only because we wanted to be absolutely sure that if there was a significant difference between the two products, we would catch it. The truth is: there are only a few things that set these two products apart, and for many, these differences would be entirely negligible.

The Plus has a bit more flexibility in terms of fit and sizing due to its adjustable nature. So anyone who liked the classic Trtl Pillow would not be making any mistake by upgrading to the Plus.

Trtl Pillow Plus Review Summary $59.99

Product Name: Trtl Pillow Plus

Product Description: The Trtl Pillow Plus is the premium adjustable, ergonomic and breathable travel pillow. Customise your comfort with the Trtl Pillow Plus.

Offer price: $59.99

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock


Trtl Pillow Plus Product Summary

The TRTL Pillow Plus: The Bottom Line

We have nothing but respect for the engineers over at TRTL for deciding that they weren?t going to rest on their laurels, but instead get to work at making an even better version of what they just released. Did they succeed? Initial 2019 TRTL pillow user reviews seems to say: yes.

Here?s what the new PLUS model of the TRTL Travel Pillow has to offer:

  • NEW Neck Height Adjustment System
  • Significantly more breathable than the Classic TRTL Pillow
  • More color styles & size options


  • Adjustable neck height
  • More breathable material
  • Same unique design as the Classic


  • Bulkier than the original model
  • Adjustment knobs just one more thing that could possibly break