Is it Really ?The World?s Most Comfortable Pillow??

MyPillow Pillow

Whenever people appear on the television or radio claiming that they?ve got the world?s best this or the galaxy?s finest that, we tend to be more that a bit skeptical. After all, how often is it that you find a product sold on daytime television that actually works the way that they?re telling you it does? Chances are, that miracle knife isn?t going to cut all the way through your leather shoe. And that electric egg poacher most certainly will not give you the perfectly poached egg, ?every time.?

But something felt different about MyPillow, and more specifically, its ubiquitous inventor and salesman Mike Lindell. If you?ve spent any time at all watching television or listening to the radio, you have most likely seen or heard Mike talking about MyPillow, which has been advertised far and wide as ?The World?s Most Comfortable Pillow.? But before we could roll our eyes, Mike did something we did not expect. He shared the story of his own lifelong struggle against poor sleep.

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His passion was palpable. As a poor sleeper myself, I could relate. So that?s why we?ve decided to take another look at this iconic product to see if it really did live up to its marketing material.

Why I Need an Alternative to a Standard Pillow

This isn?t just another MyPillow review.

First things first, you should know that I?m not here to sell you on any particular item, but rather provide you all with the information I came across when I was doing my own research into ways to improve my quality of sleep. While I wouldn?t call myself an insomniac, I have a lot of trouble finding a pillow that cradles my neck in the correct fashion, and the result is that I can?t stay asleep for more than a few hours without waking up to re-set the pillow.

After recently doing some research about achieving a healthier diet through better sleep, I decided it was time to take some steps towards a longer, deeper sleep.

Here?s what I think the main problem is with traditional pillows:  they just can?t seem to hold their shape. So while I might fall asleep thinking that I have the perfect amount of support beneath my head, I will wake up suddenly to realize that the pillow has become flat and my neck is no longer at a healthy angle.

You know that tension headache that?s been keeping you down? According to some medical professionals, that could be caused by neck pain. And likewise, the number one cause of non-injury-related neck pain? You guessed it. Bad pillows.

Unboxing the MyPillow: Initial Reactions

If you set aside the fact that it is pretty exciting to get anything in the mail, much less a brand new pillow that promises to give you a better sleep, we were more than a little bit excited to cut the packing tape on this one and see what kind of product we were getting into. Here were a few of our initial reactions, along with some of the expectations that came up as a result.

Thickness & Plushness

We were initially taken aback when seeing the product that came out of the box, because it was much, much thinner than we has expected. Then we went back to the packaging to see what the deal was. Turns out, there is a pretty obvious message printed on the packaging that recommended putting MyPillow in the dryer for 15 minutes for first use. Apparently this is how you return the foam filling to its peak plushness, as the pillows themselves are shipped somewhat compacted.

Feel & Texture

The first thing we did was reach out to get a good feel for the texture. The cover is 100% cotton, so it is remarkably soft to the touch for now. The cover is super easy to remove and wash separately, but from what we can tell, the whole pillow can be thrown in the wash periodically. Like anything else that is 100% cotton, we imagine that this cover will start to lose its softness within a year or so.

As far as the feel of the pillow itself, you can tell that it?s not like the other pillows on the market. The contents seem to be kind of blocky or ?chunky?, but we have a feeling this has something to do with the interlocking/ shredded design that we have already heard so much about. But we?ll go more into that later in the review. 

Overall Weight

A lot of sleep-boosting pillows these days are made from either dense foam or synthetic rubber, and the result is that it?s hard to find a specialty pillow that doesn?t way a hundred pounds. After all, what are us tossers & turners supposed to do if the pillow is too heavy to flip or cuddle?

Fortunately, MyPillow is one of the lightest new-generation pillows that our team has ever had the opportunity to review. At only 2 pounds, it is light enough for any class of sleeper and certainly not too heavy to pack along in the SUV for your next weekend road trip.

Looking for a heavier pillow? Take a look at our review of the Purple pillow.

Off-gassing (Odor)

It is not uncommon for newly-manufactured items to have a strong odor due to Off-Gassing. In fact, we?ve pretty much gotten used to it. Everything from yoga mats to new kayaks will have a significant off-gassing odor upon unboxing, and it is nothing to worry about.

However, some products have a stronger odor than others, and MyPillow is one of those products. The smell is strong, we will admit that, but it is not particularly offensive or worrisome. Our usual method to reducing this smell is to let the new product off-gas in an open place like a garage for a few weeks, but unfortunately, we?re just not that patient.

MyPillow Double Pillows

Product Overview: What?s the deal?

If you?re like me, then you?ve spent enough time watching infomercials to know what the basic story is behind the MyPillow. One of the reasons that they have been so successful as a company is without a doubt the simplicity and saturation of their marketing campaign. But if you have more of a life than I do, then you might be scratching your head, wondering just what this MyPillow thing is that we?re talking about and why people seem to care so much.

MyPillow Pillow Overview Video

What?s So Special about the MyPillow

The reason I was so excited to try the MyPillow is the same reason that so many others before me have tried it. It claims that it will be ?the most comfortable pillow you will ever own?, and who wouldn?t want to try out something like that? 

Shredded Polyurethane Foam: MyPillow?s ?Not-So-Secret? Ingredient

The quick elevator pitch for the MyPillow would have to start and begin with the shredded foam construction, which is no doubt the most unique thing about this product and quite possibly where all the comfort comes from.

As opposed to a traditional pillow stuffed with cotton or down, or a next-gen pillow of rubber or a dense foam block, the MyPillow utilizes some of that same dense polyurethane foam, then cuts its all to shreds. Allowing these shreds to move around inside the pillow is what gives it its very unique feel. The fact that more air can get in between these shreds suggests that it will be a cooler-than-average pillow with a low neck-sweat factor.

You can feel the individual shreds through the surface of the pillow. They?re dense, but also quite malleable and squishy. You can actually use your hands to manipulate the shape of the pillow somewhat and it seems to hold its shape.

MyPillow Fill Levels: Finding the Perfect Firmness for You

One of the reasons that MyPillow was able to achieve such rapid dominance over their market was their decision to sell all their products with four different fill levels, which means that no matter what kind of firmness you prefer, you will most likely be able to find a MyPillow that is just right for you. Here are the four levels of firmness, as well as some suggestions as to which level might be right for you.

MyPillow Pillow Fill Guide
Color:FirmnessRecommended for:
Med-LowThe Yellow level of firmness has the lowest amount of fill and has a softer feel perfect for lighter people and stomach sleepers.
WhiteMediumWith the 2nd least amount of fill, White Level is close to the firmness level of a standard pillow and is a popular option for back sleepers.
GreenMedium-HighThis increased amount of firmness is great for side sleepers or people who toss & turn a lot
BlueHighThe Blue Level has the highest amount of fill and is the firmest pillow they make. Side sleepers and bigger people will appreciate the added support.

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So Who Exactly is the MyPillow For?

To be honest, it seems to us that the folks behind MyPillow did everything they could to make sure that this pillow would be able to please anybody. Considering the different firmness levels that are available and the fact that there is really no other pillow on the market quite like this one, we think that they could have come close.

We?d recommend MyPillow to our friends and family who:

  • Like a bit of softness in their next-gen pillow
  • Appreciates the ability to modify the shape of the pillow before use or even fold it in half
  • Wants a lightweight solution to sleep deprivation due to poor support
  • MyPillow Pillow


    • Lightweight (~2 pounds) compared to its competitors
    • Versatile Support
    • Foldable and Shapeable


    • Poorer form retention than several of its competitors
    • Strong off-gassing odor at first
    • Requires 15 minutes of drying before use (not sleep-ready)

The MyPillow Construction Materials

Unlike some of the other products that we have reviewed, the MyPillow features only two basic materials, and we think that?s a pretty good sign that they have stumbled onto a good design.

Polyurethane Foam (a.k.a. POLY, or Poly-Foam)

The principal fill material for the MyPillow is polyurethane foam, which is actually an incredibly common material that can be found in more place than you might think. It is quite similar to memory foam in terms of structure, but utilizes fewer chemicals so it doesn?t have the same kind of ?squishy return? as memory foam.

For the MyPillow, polyfoam is shredded for optimum re-shaping ability and overnight ventilation.

100% Cotton

The protective case for the MyPillow is about as simple as it gets: 100% Cotton. As a result, this gives the cover a remarkably light and soft feel to it, and also makes it an absolute breeze to wash. While cotton is not the coolest or most breathable fabric in the world, is it quite perfect for the surface of a pillow, however, will likely degrade in time and need to be replaced.

Quality Overview: Is the MyPillow Everything it?s Cracked Up to Be?

One of the hard parts about putting together a review based on any sleep-related item is that you can never be sure how the product is going to perform over an extended period of time. Because as humans it can take weeks or even months for a small change to make a visible difference in our daily lives, it is not always possible to get a good read on a pillow with such limited exposure time.

However we can tell straightaway that the MyPillow is not the kind of product that is going to give up on you early. The construction is so simplistic that there is little than can be done to damage the pillow, and the only wear and tear you need to worry about is the cotton cover, which is totally replaceable.

What?s the difference between Polyfoam and Memory Foam?

Speaking structurally, there is very little difference between polyfoam and memory foam. The addition of a few key chemicals gives memory foam its ability to regain its shape after being flattened.

How is a bag full of foam chunks more comfortable than a regular pillow?

You know, we were a bit surprised by it too, but the unique design of the MyPillow actually offers a customizable support that is unmatched among its competitors. You kind of have to rest your head on it to see what we?re talking about.

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Conclusion: Our Honest Reaction to the MyPillow

Anytime you?re shopping for a product, you can always just check the reviews. MyPillow product reviews are a dime a dozen in 2019, and perhaps that?s only because the product has such an incredibly expansive customer base.

So why trust us? Well, we?ve been around the block so to speak. Next-generation sleep-boosting pillows are quite familiar to us, as we?ve been using them for years, always searching for that elusive perfect sleep.

Overall, the MyPillow is a very comfortable pillow that is perfect for a number of situations. In fact, this is the pillow?s largest strength, its versatility. While lacking somewhat in ventilation and form retention, MyPillow manages to offer a product that improves upon regular pillows without becoming too specialized for the average user. We?re not sure if it is the most comfortable pillow that we have ever owned, but it certainly comes close.

In terms of overall value, you?re not going to beat the price to performance ratio here.

Yea or Nay: Do We Recommend the MyPillow?

Look: sleep is a difficult thing to nail down. Not only are everybody?s internal sleep patterns quite different, but our bodies are different too. There are different shapes in our spines, necks, and skulls that would make one person?s perfect pillow another person?s miserable night. That?s why it?s important to find the best pillow for you, not just the best pillow of 2019. Having said that, we would certainly recommend the MyPillow to anyone who hasn?t yet found their ideal pillow. In fact, we recommend getting two, so you can have different levels of firmness available at for fingertips at all times.

MyPillow Vs. The Purple Pillow: An Ongoing Debate

We don?t have time to open this can of beans at the moment, but for now, if you?re interested in learning about MyPillow?s chief competition in the marketplace, check out our Purple Pillow Review.

MyPillow Pillow Review Summary $39.95

MyPillow Pillow Product Summary

The MyPillow Product Summary

To put a nice little bow on things, here is what our MyPillow user review uncovered:

  • A unique pillow with a sleeping feel that you?ll not find anywhere else
  • Malleable and foldable for a highly customized sleep
  • Best Feature: 4 different firmness levels so you can get the best fit


  • Foldable
  • Shapeable
  • 4 different firmness levels


  • Strong initial odor
  • Not ready for use out of the box
  • Can get clumpy