A Close Look at the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow that has Everyone Talking

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

It seems like these days I am hearing about a new memory foam pillow just about every week. As someone who has a lot of trouble sleeping, however, I am hardly complaining. Like so many people who have trouble getting quality sleep (An estimated 40 million people every year in the US alone) I will jump at any chance I get to try the latest and greatest in memory foam products, even if so many of them have proved to be so similar to one another.

This wasn?t the case with the Eden Pillow. Made by the folks at Coop Home Goods (maker of the original Coop Pillow), the Eden Pillow represents a significant leap forward in shredded memory foam technology. Utilizing classic features like adjustable loft & gusseted stitching as well as new tricks like gel-foam infusion, the Eden Pillow is quite possibly one of the more exciting sleep products that I have had the pleasure of looking at.

Our Eden Pillow Review is going to walk you through everything you need to know about the pillow?s construction & performance, as well as attempt to recount some personal reactions and thoughts that came up in the process. Afterwards we?ll let you know what we really think, and whether or not it?s worth upgrading from your standard pillow to the Eden.

About Coop Home Goods: Maker of the Eden Pillow

The brainchild of founder, textile wizard, & chronic back-pain sufferer Kevin Chon, Coop Home Goods is a company that has dedicated itself to the singular purpose of improving the quality of everyday life through access to what Chon was developing in his mind as the ?perfect pillow?, something that could be adjusted to individual needs while providing unmatched levels of support and comfort.

The first Coop Pillow was released to wide acclaim in 2013, and since then they have been building upon their impressive collection of sleep improvement products like bedding & cushions. The Eden Pillow is the latest release from Coop, and represents a few significant upgrades to the already impressive Coop Pillow. 

Eden Pillow

Why I Needed the Eden Pillow: A Restless Sleeper?s Tale

Some sleepers have anxiety. Some suffer from chronic pain in the neck, back, or shoulders. Others have medical conditions that make it hard to get enough sleep to even get through the day. So which category do I fall into? I don?t qualify for any of them. Instead, I am a member of a large group of people who suffer from lack of sleep for apparently no reason at all. Sometimes the mere inability to find a comfortable position is enough to have significant negative consequences on one?s life, especially if it starts affecting your performance in the workplace.

I have been on the search for the perfect pillow for some time now, and during my search I have learned a thing or two about what exactly makes a great pillow, and conversely, what makes great marketing (& nothing more). It is true that I have seen a few duds in my day ? pillows that were clearly designed to be less-expensive rip-offs of more popular & reputable products. (It?s worth noting that I?ve seen more than a few absolute gems as well. Check out our Nectar Memory Foam Pillow Review to see what I?m talking about).

What attracted me to the Eden pillow was two specific things that I have been hearing:

  1. That the Eden Pillow is made with some kind of special gel-infused foam that does wonders for breathability, &
  2. That Coop Home Goods is confident enough with their work to offer a respectable 100-day sleep trial guarantee. While they are not the only company to offer this, they are certainly in the minority by offering their customers the opportunity to try the pillow out at home for an extended period of time to see if it really does have an effect on sleep quality.

Eden Pillow Unboxing: Initial Reactions & Observations

The pillow arrived by mail in a tightly-packed cardboard box, somewhat smaller than I expected, but also a tad heavier. Inside was a plastic bag that contained the Eden Pillow, which was compressed slightly for transportation. Tearing open the plastic shipping bag, I was greeted by a pretty potent chemical-like smell. This is surely a result of all that synthetic material sitting inside the packaging while chemical degassing, a harmless process, is sure to occur. Still, different products de-gas at different rates, so we were unsure how long it would take to fully ?air out? the Eden pillow.

We let the pillow unfurl, return to its normal size, and air out for about 24 hours before we decided to give it a real sleep trial. While a significant amount odor had dissipated over that period, there remained a significant yet mostly unbothersome smell that I expect will take a few weeks to fully disappear.

So What?s the Big Deal with the Eden Pillow?

Gel-Infused, Cross-Cut Memory Foam

This is the stuff that really makes the Eden Pillow (& the original Coop Pillow, for that matter) stand up against competing products. Instead of using scrap waste from larger foam production lines, Coop Home Goods makes their own memory foam and then processes & shreds it to their exact specifications. The result is a product that clearly demonstrates the impressive amount of control that this company has over the production process. It?s a sign of passion and an indicator of quality, and its stuff like this that usually inspires us to actually try out a new pillow. And what exactly is all this business about being ?Gel-Infused?? We?re going to go into that in a moment, or you can scroll down if you?re just that eager to learn about it.

Fully Adjustable Double-Case Construction with Shredded Foam Fill

If you?ve never tried a shredded foam pillow, then let us break it down for you a bit. While it might seem crazy to shred to pieces a perfectly good piece of memory foam, there is actually some major advantages to this style of fill as opposed to a traditional shaped ?block? pillow, where you are getting one piece of foam, as opposed to the thousands that you are getting with shredded style.

Pillow Design

For one, the user has the ability to reach inside of the inner case and remove or add more shredded foam. This means that the pillow can be instantly and effectively adjusted to be either firmer or softer based on your preference. Seeing as how every order comes with well more fill product than even firm sleepers will need, you can trust that you will have everything you will need to hit that perfect softness target.

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Dimensions

  • KING: 20? x 36?
  • QUEEN: 20? x 30?
  • STANDARD: 20? x 26?

Types of Sleepers the Eden Pillow Is Really For

Because of its considerable adjustability, the Eden Pillow is less of a specialized sleep product than it is a revolutionary way to ensure that as many people as possible have affordable access to a better way to sleep. It really doesn?t matter if you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, a log or a toss-n-turner, the Eden Pillow is designed with a one-product-fits-all kind of functionality that maximizes its target audience. To put it more simply, the Eden Pillow is a great option for anyone who is having trouble sleeping and suspects that a lackluster pillow might be to blame. When you factor in the 100-night sleep trial that comes included with every pillow, what you have is really a no-brainer for anyone looking to catch a few more z?s this season.

Eden Pillow Pros & Cons


  • Gel-infused, cross-cut shredded memory foam does make for a cooler sleep
  • Adjustable fill means that you don?t have to risk purchasing a pillow with the wrong firmness or softness
  • 100-night sleep trial is always a big indicator of quality for us


  • Strong factory odor upon unboxing; requires extended air-out period
  • Requires regular ?fluffing? for maximum comfort

How It?s Made: The EDEN Pillow Construction Materials

The materials that Coop Home Products decided to use when they were designing their new Eden pillow is one of their biggest differentiators as a brand. Not only do these materials increase the effectiveness of the pillow as a sleep aid, but they are also responsible for helping Coop achieve Greenguard Certification, as well as a number of other safe product awards.  Here?s what we?re talking about:

The FILL: Certified Safe Gel-Infused Memory Foam & Microfiber

I?ve slept on quite a few memory foam pillows in my day. When the foam is shredded (as it often is with memory foam these days) it can be difficult to tell the difference between one brand?s memory foam fill and another?s. This certainly isn?t the case with the Eden pillow. From the moment you unzip the fill chamber it is quite obvious that Coop is working with something special. The rag-tag collection of industrial foam scraps that you would expect to see from a pillow in this price range is nowhere to be found. In its place is a beautifully colored and softly cut blend of foam and fiber. The light blue tone is surely at least partially responsible for my awe, but what was more impressive is that it became immediately apparent that this foam wasn?t just the straps.

In fact, Coop Home Products manufactures their own memory foam fill to meet its strict specifications. This frees them from the inconsistent and sometimes low quality product that you will see inside some pillows. But that?s not even the coolest part.

Not only is the fill made in house, but it is also specially modified to increase its cooling capabilities. In the production process, all of the foam and fiber is infused with a high-tech cooling gel that significantly increases the foams ability to breathe. And as anyone who has ever slept on a memory foam pillow can tell you, breathability has never been memory foam?s strong suit.

Pillow Filling


The LINER: A Stretchy Polyester Fabric that Holds Everything In

Polyester is the natural choice for the liner. It is lightweight and strong at the same time, and since this part of the pillow really does not come into contact with the skin, it is less important that it is silky smooth (That part is for the case). The elasticity is good, which allows the fitful sleeper (like me) to contort the pillow in all sorts of ways. All without experiencing any constriction or loss of shape.

The CASE:  Bamboo-Derived Viscose Rayon & Polyester

The outer case of a pillow needs to be both soft to the touch and easy to clean, two things that aren?t usually related. A well-constructed gusseted pillow case on the other hand is an expert way to make sure that the pillowcase is both durable, and soft enough to rest your face on. This is a cover that you can simply toss into the wash machine as often as you?d like.

Users of silk pillowcases won?t have to ditch the Eden pillow case if they don?t want to. The billowy gussets provide an additional level of comfort that can be felt beneath even thicker pillowcases.

Quality Overview: How the Eden Pillow Stacks Up Against Other Memory Foam Pillows

I gotta say that I am overall pretty impressed with the construction here. Because there are only a few elements that come together to make a pillow (fill, cover, case), it can be easy to spoil an entire product based on one poorly designed aspect or feature. The house-made gel foam is a clear indicator of a dedicated production process. That?s the sign of a company that wants to be known for how their products work, not just how effective their advertising campaigns are. The inner case features some well-done gusseting and stitch work, but it?s nothing that hasn?t been done before. The flexibility and overall strength of the inner case is what really holds everything together. There is no visual reason to believe that it is going to stop doing its job anytime soon.

Is it worth it to upgrade to a shredded memory foam pillow?

Memory foam has been around for a while, but in that time, it has hardly changed at all. While the advanced support and shape-retaining qualities of foam pillows were celebrated for their ability to correct issues with the neck and spine, they were written off by others for being too firm, too hot, or simply too expensive. Shredded memory foam uses the same shape & support characteristics and introduces the concept of adjustability.

Is the Eden Pillow really any different than any of the other ?super pillows? that are on the market?

The Eden Pillow?s house-manufactured foam and well-executed adjustable design make it unique among even the most popular ?super pillows?, like the Purple Pillow for instance.

The Verdict: What I Really Think about the Eden Pillow

When it comes to adjustable pillows, we really don?t have a lot of options. The Eden Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is one of the best attempts yet to create a truly universal pillow that can help even the most troublesome sleepers achieve a perfect level of firmness and fill distribution. The price is more than fair for a memory foam pillow, and in fact it is worth mentioning that this is one of the most affordable pillows of its kind that you can find anywhere. So would I recommend making the switch to the Eden pillow? If you are still sleeping on one of those old block-style foam pillows, then absolutely it is time to upgrade. Your perfect pillow could be no further than a few clicks away.

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow Review Summary
Eden Pillow

Product Name: Eden Pillow

Product Description: The Eden features our soft, gel-infused memory foam & microfiber fill blend for a cooler sleep experience and a gusseted design for edge-to-edge support.

Brand: Coop Home Goods

Offer price: $79.99

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock


Eden Pillow Summary

The ?Takeaway? ? Three Things to Remember about the Eden Pillow?

  • House-made shredded gel-infused memory foam
  • Fully adjustable construction for all types of sleepers
  • 100-day sleep trial with guaranteed money-back if you?re not happy with it


  • House made cross-cut memory foam
  • Adjustable fill level
  • 100-night sleep trial


  • Extra de-gassing period required for excess factory odor to dissipate
  • ? Regular fluffing required for maximum comfort