Leg pillows can be a hard thing to nail down. While many of us side-sleepers simply feel more comfortable with a bit of cushioning between our knees at night, finding one that can hold its shape and not be too sweaty has been an ongoing quest.

The Contour LEGACY Memory Foam Leg Pillow is the latest sleep-aid to be released by the engineers over at Contour Living. They have a pretty decent selection of products available, but I think it?s fair to say that the Legacy Leg Pillow is serving as their current flagship. And why shouldn?t it? Since it was released in 2017 the Legacy pillow has found its way into millions of bedrooms nationwide.

Now I?m not usually one that would spend the extra money on a specialized knee pillow, but it seems that the science is in on this one. According to a study by the University of Rochester Medical Center, leg pillows are able to relieve a significant amount of stress on the hips and back, especially for people who prefer to sleep on their sides.  

I caved, and decided to give this one a shot. So here goes, my Contour Legacy Memory Foam Pillow review, for your reading (& sleeping) pleasure.

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Why I Needed the Contour Legacy Leg Pillow

Anyone who follows my reviews knows that I am kind of all over the place when it comes to sleeping positions. Sometimes I can fall right asleep on my stomach, and other times I absolutely need to be on my back. Some nights I am simply spinning in the sheets, trying desperately to find the best position.

It?s safe to say however that I spend a decent amount of time on my side. When this is the case, I usually rely on my body pillow to act as a cushion in between my knees. This works well enough for me to fall asleep, but before I know it I am awake again and sweating bullets because I?m snuggling with a hot, sweaty pillow the size of a person.

I?ve tried a knee pillow or two before, but haven?t yet found one that hits that Goldilocks level of ?just right?. What I want is something small, firm, & breathable. A pillow that offers pain relief would be even better.

Was that too much to ask for? Let?s find out. 

Contour Legacy Pillow: Unboxing & First Impressions

Well the first thing that you might notice when pulling the Contour Legacy out of the box is how small it is. In fact it?s quite a bit smaller than we anticipated, even for a knee pillow.

The pillow core comes inside a plastic bag with the quilted cover packaged separately. There is no strong odor here like there is with rubber-based pillows. Memory-foam has an advantage there; it seems to be less kind to lingering odors.

The pillow core is a wobbly hunk of carefully shaped foam, though it does have more of a rubbery feel to it.

Ventilation holes run from side to side, straight through the core of the product. From what the website says, those ventilation holes are going to be enough to keep the pillow cool throughout the night, but only a full product test is going to provide that answer.

The quilted cover is soft, comfortable, and lightweight, three things that you expect from a pillowcase. Personally I don?t think I care as much about the surface material considering that this isn?t coming into contact with my face, but either way, it?s quite soft for how lightweight it is.

Product Overview: The Contour Legacy Knee Pillow  

Anyone who is thinking about buying a specialized leg pillow is going to have to be convinced, the way that I was convinced, that it?s absolutely worth it, especially considering that we can just go on doing what we always did ? using a hand or a blanket edge to keep those knees from clanking around in the night.

So what makes the Contour Legacy worth the purchase? In summary, it is a highly specialized pillow designed for a highly specific purpose. The thing is, not everyone likes sleeping with a leg pillow. If you?re one of those lucky people who can just lie on their back and fall into a long, undisturbed slumber, then good for you. The rest of us need a pillow for pain relief, and dag-nabbit, we?re going to get it.

The Contour Legacy pillow utilizes a unique tapered shape to fit just perfectly between your legs. Whereas a traditional pillow is in no way shaped like your legs, the Contour Legacy fits quite perfectly, without being constrictive or bulky.

The second real differentiator here is the memory foam construction. While memory foam is not new by any means, many contemporary specialty pillows have abandoned it for newer, more advanced materials (take the Purple Pillow, for instance).

In the case of the Contour Legacy, the memory foam is the perfect degree of firm to support both legs; I can only imagine that a softer material would not work as well. 

What kind of sleeper is the Contour Legacy Pillow For?

Unlike a lot of the specialty sleep-aid pillows out there, the Contour Legacy Leg Pillow is just that, a leg pillow. This means that it is specifically designed to support the legs, hips, & knees of people who sleep on their side. It wouldn?t work so well for stomach sleepers, and back sleepers might not get any helpful use out of it at all, considering the unique shape.

But make no mistake: sleepers who spend any amount of time sleeping on their side are going to want a pillow like this to keep their body aligned throughout the night.

How does the Contour Legacy Knee Pillow provide Pain Relief?

One of the biggest claims that you will see plastered across the Contour Legacy website is that this particular leg pillow can actually provide measurable pain relief in a number of different areas. Whether you experience back pain, knee pain, or hip pain, upgrading to a better knee pillow is a viable way to start feeling better fast.

Here?s how it works:

  • Orthopedic Shape

The pillow itself is shaped in a way the matches the contours of your body, both thighs and knees. This eliminated unnecessary space and ensures that your knees and legs are being fully (not just partially) supported.

  • Maintains Natural Spinal Alignment

The contour legacy?s primary job is to maintain the natural alignment of your spine. Because the spine and the hips work so closely with one another, maintaining proper hip and spine alignment is the key to preventing unnecessary pain that you might not feel until you wake up.

  • Tapered Edges

There are no other knee pillows with this unique tapered shape. The result is a remarkable range of movement during the night, which can be particularly comforting for more restless sleepers such as myself.

Contour Legacy Leg Pillow Pros & Cons


  • Specialized design for side sleepers
  • Shaped to fit the curvature of the thigh & knee
  • Interior foam panel has good ventilation holes


  • It’s a bit smaller than expected
  • Slightly more expensive than the original Contour leg pillow

Construction Materials: What is the Contour Legacy Leg Pillow Made Of?

Memory Foam Interior

I think it?s safe to say that most people know what memory foam is. While it?s not as common as it used to be due to more advanced materials hitting the marketplace, memory foam continues to be one of the best options for a firmer sleep with better shape retention. Side-sleepers specifically require more support between their legs, and traditional pillows aren?t really up to the task.

Quilted, Breathable Cover

The quilted cover is made of a polyester fiber blend, but is not incredibly thick and is actually as breathable as they claim. Personally, I am not as picky about cover fabrics when it comes to leg and knee pillows, but if you are looking for something a bit fancier, different kinds of covers are available.

The Contour Legacy?s 45-Night Comfort Guarantee

Sleep aids are a highly personal thing, especially pillows like this one. It can take days before you?re used to using it, and several weeks before you truly know whether or not a pillow is actually doing what it is supposed to. Fortunately there is an opportunity here to try the pillow for 45 day comfort trial. Return it anytime in that period and you can get a full refund.

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How do I know if a knee pillow will give me pain relief?

Here?s the thing: improper sleeping positions lead to a misalignment of crucial body elements, including the hips, spine, and neck. Even a brief misalignment can cause lasting pain.

If you sleep on your side and you are experiencing any pain in your knees, hips, legs, or back, it could be because you are sleeping with poor alignment of hips & spine. Adding a knee pillow to your sleeping routine is the best way to correct alignment and start feeling better fast.

Are leg pillows for side-sleepers only?

While specialty leg pillows like the Contour Legacy are indeed designed to provide support for anyone sleeping on their side, there is no reason that a pillow like this couldn?t be used in any number of positions. For sleepers like me who switch positions a lot, having a reliable memory foam pillow around for the knees is always an absolute must.

Conclusion: Should You Upgrade to the Contour Legacy Leg Pillow?

Here?s the straight skinny: the Contour Legacy Memory Foam Pillow is perhaps the biggest thing to happen to knee pillows in a long time. By utilizing a simplistic yet advanced design, the pillow is able to provide a level of leg and knee support that goes way beyond the regular pillow. It even stays with you as you roll over to the other side, and is one of the least-sweaty memory foam products we have had the pleasure of sleeping on.

The VERDICT: Do we Recommend the Contour Legacy Leg Pillow for Pain Relief?

If you spend any amount of time sleeping on your side, then the likelihood is that you are experiencing some level of spinal misalignment over the course of the night. This can lead to bad posture problems, as well as aching pains in the hips, knees, and lower back.

If you are looking for pain relief for any of these systems, then a good memory foam leg pillow is a great place to start, and the Contour Legacy is probably the best place to start.

Our team stands by it with a full recommendation.

Contour Legacy Leg Pillow Review Summary

Product Name: Contour Legacy leg Pillow

Product Description: Orthopedic leg pillow to help reduce back, hip leg, knee & sciatica nerve discomfort.

Offer price: $39.99

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock


Product Summary: The Contour Legacy Memory Foam Leg Pillow

The Contour Legacy Leg Pillow stands apart from its competition by offering a high degree of specialization for specific purpose. Anyone looking for a leg pillow or knee pillow would do well to take advantage of the 45 night comfort guarantee and give this thing a shot. Here?s the basic rundown of our review:

  1. Specialized contoured shape you won?t find anywhere else
  2. Designed to promote hip & spine alignment
  3. Can offer significant pain relief in the legs, hips, and knees


  • Great shape & fit; well executed design
  • Works just like they claim it does
  • A pillow that offers pain relief


  • Smaller than anticipated ? we?re not sure that this is one-size-fits-all