Is it really ?a pillow for every position??

Casper Pillow

Finding a good pillow isn?t as easy as it used to be. With the current boom in the specialty sleep market it can sometimes feel like there are more options out there than you will ever have the time to properly research. And with the National Sleep Foundation telling us that Americans are suffering more than ever from a lack of sleep, now is the worst time to get bogged down in a sea of flashy commercials and false marketing claims.

Our Casper Pillow Review is the latest installment in our ongoing quest to review the best pillows of 2019, breaking it all down by comfort, construction, and performance, all in an effort to give you the best information possible to make your own informed decision.

So what?s the buzz around the relative new-kid-on-the-block Casper Pillow? The word on the street is that it?s one of the most comfortable pillows out there, especially for folks who like to move around a bit when they sleep. After all, why should a pillow support only one position? Sure, there might be a few odd-balls out there who sleep like literal logs, maintaining one position all night long. But let?s be honest, these people are not the majority.

Read on to find out how well the Casper Pillow lives up to the hype.

The Casper Pillow & Me: The Tale of a Tosser & Turner

One of the reasons that I am so passionate about thoroughly examining all the ?next-gen? pillows on the market is that I have been experiencing sleep problems since I was a child. You see, sleep is not an easy thing for me, just as it is not an easy thing for the majority of people in today?s hustle & bustle world. Whether it?s too much caffeine, stress from the office, or just that general kind of anxiety that we all seem to get at the end of the day, getting some solid shut-eye is a quest that unites an incredible number of people.

The Casper Pillow makes one big promise that caught my eye immediately ? that it could provide next-level comfort and support whether you were sleeping on your back, your side, your stomach, or some mix of the three. In fact, for a tosser-n?-turner like me, this was a heck of a promise, one that I immediately vowed to look into.

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Unboxing the Casper Pillow: Initial Reactions

Casper Pillow Unboxing

Like a lot of the ?factory-to-door? product manufacturers in today?s day and age, The Casper Pillow arrived on my stoop only a couple of days after I ordered it. The package itself was small, simple, unassuming, but I knew that what was packed inside of it could very well hold the key to finally getting a good night?s sleep.

After unrolling the pillow itself (it comes in a compact, rolled-up form, but quickly fluffs back up into its intended shape) I did what any self-respecting pillow reviewer would do ? I mashed my face into it.

Soft cotton cover? Check. Plush yet firm structure? Check. Already this was shaping up to be one of the best pillows that I had tried yet. In fact, I had to refer back to the included product specifications to make sure that this was what I thought it was. That?s because it felt way more like a down pillow than one with polyester fiber. Goes to show how much I know.

I?ve unboxed a lot of pillows in my days, and this was by far the least offensive smelling. Usually, these types of pillows are made from such strange synthetic materials that a pungent rubbery smell will emanate from the product for sometimes weeks after unboxing. The Casper Pillow on the other hand just smelled like clean, soft cotton, so there was no need to air it out.

Product Overview: What?s the deal?

There are a few key features that set the Casper Pillow apart from its competitors like the MyPillow. Most noticeably is the dual-pillow construction with advanced gussets for optimum fluff control. The ability to remove the inner pillow makes the Casper Pillow adjustable in a way that the MyPillow cannot emulate.

While the breathable cotton lining is effective at providing a cooler sleeping experience, it is hardly unique to the Casper Pillow. What is more unique however is the way the Casper Pillow was designed to provide advanced neck support to combination sleepers, in other words, sleepers who change positions more than once over the course of the night.

This means that you can go from sleeping on your side to sleeping on your back without having to switch pillows, all the while maintaining optimum neck and spine alignment.

Advanced Gusseted Construction

You?re probably not the only person wondering what the heck is a ?gusset? and how exactly is it going to lead to better sleep?

To put it quite simply, a gusset is a piece of fabric that is inserted to a garment (or in this case, a pillow) seam in order to strengthen or support a particular area. In the case of the Casper Pillow, advanced gussets are utilized to ensure that the pillow fill can hold its shape and arrangement even against lots of motion and re-fluffing.

Casper Pillow?s Exclusive Double Pillow Design

Perhaps the most unique part about the Casper Pillow is that it is actually two pillows in one. The first interior pillow is more dense and heavy, and is also totally removable. The second pillow is a more lightweight & soft gusseted cover. The option of having the interior pillow inserted or not inserted is what makes the Casper Pillow such a highly versatile sleep aid.

What Kind of Sleepers is the Casper Pillow For?

The sleep engineers over at the Casper Mattress Company designed the Casper Pillow with all different kinds of sleepers in mind, however their primary target demographic what you would call combination sleepers. Combination sleepers (like myself) are people who like to change positions more than a few times over the course of your night. That means that the Casper Pillow can provide impressive neck and spine alignment whether you like to sleep:

  • On your back
  • On your side
  • On your stomach
  • Some mix of the three

Casper Pillow - Pros & Cons


  • Soft & breathable cotton cover
  • Pillow-in-pillow design for high versatility
  • Gusseted construction for shape & loft retention


  • A softer pillow; perhaps too soft for people who like firm pillows
  • Frequent fluffing is required to maintain full loft & shape

Construction Materials: What is the Casper Pillow Made Of?

100% Cotton Soft Cover

The cover of the Casper Pillow is made of remarkably soft cotton. This natural material lends a smooth feel and allows both heat and moisture to escape the inner pillow, providing a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Is it possible to make the Casper Pillow more firm?

It is true that the Casper Pillow is not really designed to be a ?firm? pillow, as far as pillow designations go. However, the Casper Pillow?s unique ability to remove or insert the inner pillow provides an unmatched level of adjustability. The inner pillow is more firm than the outer pillow, so if you?re looking for something more firm, you?re definitely going to want to leave it in.

Filling: Polyester Microfiber

I wasn?t kidding when I said that I initially thought that this was a down-filled pillow. That?s because polyester fiber technology has been adapted to pillows with the specific goal of mimicking the loft & comfort of goose down. These thin and durable fiber strips have the added benefit of promoting airflow and preventing overheating. It?s a super plush material that springs right back into shape with a quick fluff.

How is polyester-fiber more comfortable than down or memory foam?

I?ve tried out a lot of pillows in my day. Memory foam is great, but it can get super-hot and sweaty, not to mention being too hard for many users. Down is a comfortable and breathable fill material, however does not have the shape & loft retention capabilities of polyester fiber.

The Casper Pillow?s 100 Night Sleep Trial / Three Year Warranty

No matter what kind of sleeper you are and how you might feel about the Casper Pillow, we?d be fools not to mention the fact that the Casper Pillow is one of the only sleep enhancement products out there that offer this kind of trial period. According to the website, you can use the Casper Pillow for a full 100 days before making your decision. If you don?t absolutely adore it after 100 days, simply send it back for a full refund.

Then, they take it a step further with a 3-year manufacturer?s warranty, protecting you against certain defects & construction errors.

See, this is what makes me trust a company like Casper Pillow, even before it arrived on my door. They?re willing to stand by their product with this kind of confidence, so the least I can do is give them 100 days of my time to make a decision.  

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The Casper Pillow vs. the Standard Pillow: Is it time to upgrade?

Take a look at the pillows on your bed. How do you feel about them? Are they helping you get to sleep at night? Or are you like me and need at least 4 different kinds of pillows to support the different ways in which you like to sleep?

The Casper Pillow provides a solution for anyone who is looking to consolidate multiple pillow types into a single, versatile product. Both the size and firmness of the Casper Pillow are adjustable, which might eliminate the need for a few of the pillows taking up space on your bed.

Conclusion: What we Really Think about the Casper Pillow

Even without the pillow-in-pillow adjustability, the Casper Pillow offers one of the most versatile sleep experiences that we have found yet. In contrast, competing products like the Purple Pillow will be hard pressed to match the Casper?s impressive ease of use. As a result, We decided to give the Casper Pillow a try after hearing about their 100-night trial offer, however, it didn?t take nearly that long to notice the positive effects of incorporating the Casper into our sleeping routine.

It is true that the Casper Pillow requires frequent fluffing to retain maximum loft, but this is a small price to pay for benefits that come with it.

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Casper Pillow Review: To Recommend or Not to Recommend

Usually this part of the review is a bit difficult to write, simply because most of the sleep enhancement products that come across our desks are designed for a very particular subset of sleepers. However, the Casper Pillow on the other hand is so comfortable and versatile no matter how you like to sleep that we are eager to recommend it to just about anyone who wants to listen to us drone on about it.

Of course, there are the people out there who simply need an extra firm pillow to get their z?s. In fact, if you?re one of these people, the Casper Pillow might be a little to plush for your tastes, but that doesn?t mean that it wouldn?t perform admirably as between-the-knees type pillow, or perhaps the pillow you use to adorn the guest room (careful ? the in-laws may not want to leave).

Casper Pillow Review Summary $65

Product Name: Casper Pillow

Product Description: The Casper Pillow is designed to deliver ultimate comfort and support for sleep.

Offer price: $65

Currency: USD

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Casper Pillow Summary

The Casper Pillow Product Summary

We?ve got to hand it to the Casper Mattress Company, the folks behind the dynamic and versatile Casper Pillow. In our Casper Pillow product review we tried to get to the bottom of exactly what makes this pillow work. Here?s our bullet-point takeaway:

  1. Best Feature: Pillow-in-pillow design for added versatility
  2. 100% soft cotton cover for comfort & coolness
  3. 100-night trail & 3 year warranty provide added peace of mind


  • Double Pillow Design
  • Soft Cotton Cover
  • Totally Washable


? Requires frequent fluffing